Don’t Knock, Call, Talk, Email, Text, or Send Subliminal Messages after 2pm on 9.16.07

August 8, 2007 at 6:58 pm | Posted in Books, Historical Fiction, Inspiration, LIfe, Philippa Gregory, Reading | 8 Comments

Yesterday I went to Philippa Gregory’s website.  What I discovered there set me to tingling all over in excitement.  Philippa is going to hold a live web chat on Sunday, September 16 at 2pm EST. Better yet, it’s free and I was easily able to register to attend using WebEx.


As an online attendee, you’ll view a simulcast of Philippa speaking to an audience in London, be able to ask Philippa your own questions and interact with other book clubs and fans.  Register now and you’ll receive emails with reminders and special content throughout the summer.

As excited as I am to be able to participate in this event with some of the most discerning historical fiction fans in the entire world, I could be convinced to attend in person if one of my patrons out there just happens to have a transatlantic ticket for the right dates and times that I could borrow… 😉

If you will be in the London area on September 16, you have a chance to attend the live web event and be part of the studio audience at the Mayfair Conference Center.   The event is free but seats are limited.  Send an email to with your first and last name in order to request a ticket.  One ticket per request only. 

One way or the other, I’m so very excited to hear Philippa speak.  Isn’t it wonderful to be able to live in an age where this is even a possibility?  This and #33 have made me feel so lucky to be alive this week.



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  1. Oh. My. Gosh.

    I might totally have to sign up for this. I *love* Phillippa Gregory. Have you read her Wideacre trilogy (might be a silly question to ask)? I remember reading it ages ago, when I was very very far up in Northern Ontario (where the logging roads end, camping, with no electricity, running water or other amenities. Somebody’s great idea of a 2-month summer vacation with teenagers. Ahem.) Back to Wideacre – simply fantastic. I’ve got it on my list of upcoming re-reads.

  2. You should sign up! I think with WebEx you can send messages to other users. We can chat while we listen. 🙂

    I haven’t read that trilogy, but I have bought it. Maybe we can read/re-read at the same time. I’ve only just found Philippa Gregory this year. I loved The Other Boleyne Girl so much that I’ve bought just about everything else. She is to blame for making me obsessed with Henry the 8th and kin. 🙂

  3. Very cool! I’ll definitely sign up for it then.

    That would be neat with the read/re-read of the Wideacre trilogy. I have the first one right now, but I still have to pick up the other two. Like I said, I think it’s been oh, 16 years since I read it. I barely remember it, so it will be like a brand new read for me. Let me know when you want to dive into this.

    If you like historical fiction, have you ever tried Sharon Kay Penman? She writes fantastic historical fiction epics. The Sunne in Splendor is one of her best books, about Richard III. Highly recommended!

  4. I am going to look up Ms. Penman. I’m all for learning more about British history via good historical fiction. If I ever end up in a nursing home, I hope that I never lose my eyesight. I could be as happy as a mouse in a cheese factory if all I had to do was read those types of books.

    [Note to my children: This does not give you license to send me away at the first sign of becoming severely elderly. I could also be contented to stay out of your business locked away in an in-law apartment.]

  5. I find a lot of pleasure with audio books. On doing those tasks which cannot be multi-tasked with reading…having audio book sure helps with the monotony.

  6. Hi,

    I happenned upon your interesting blog when I attempted to find the first book of Philippa’s to read accoding to its historical time perion. Do you know the chronological order of Philippa’s books? I’d like to start at the beginning but can’t figure it out.


  7. Stacey,

    I had to figure that one out as well. Instead of commenting here, I’m going to write a post about it. Thanks for giving me the idea. If you’re like me, you’ll love these books.

  8. […] weekend during her live web-cast, Philippa Gregory was asked on a couple of occasions which historical character she wishes […]

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