#40 ~ Jonathan’s Story; Part 2

September 26, 2007 at 10:28 pm | Posted in Books, Guiding Light, Guilty Pleasure, Reading, Reva, Secrets and Lies | 2 Comments

I’ve now read through chapter 23 and there is a new lead in the “Who did Reva and Alan kill” mystery: Keith. Yay! Wouldn’t it be nice to live vicariously through Reva for that one? 😉

Okay. I know that this book is a guilty pleasure and not much more “literary” than a dime romance. Still, obvious errors that should have been caught by a content editor stick out to me like a sore thumb. Thus far, there have been three:

  1. Aubrey leaves her job at the daycare to get the staff pizza because her co-workers couldn’t stomach another club sandwich. Within a matter of pages, Aubrey actually purchases club sandwiches for them. Hmm… I would have been pretty pissed off if I were Noelle or Nancy.
  2. One of Aubrey’s days off begins by a violent confrontation with her father. He ends up pinning her by her throat to the wall. Although Aubrey doesn’t think it will bruise, she covers her neck with a scarf just before she leaves for work. Apparently days off in Tourmaline don’t last very long.
  3. Jonathan (J.B.) tells everyone in Tourmaline that his daughter’s name is Tammy. In one scene Aubrey calls her Sarah. I was waiting for the big “How the hell did you know?” scene, but it never came. Aubrey next calls the baby Tammy.

I should finish the book tonight or tomorrow. I have to say that while this book has been a fast read, it’s taking forever for Jonathan and Aubrey to get together. Maybe the time frame of the story told should have been longer so that we could see more of the two together. As it is, there’s only about 90 pages left and Reva and Alan haven’t even found out Jonathan is in California. I hope this doesn’t end quickly after a draggy-ish middle.



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  2. No, there isn’t a second book. I just wrote about this one in three sections instead of waiting until I was finished.

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