17 Has Turned 35, and 35’s Turnin’…

October 5, 2007 at 3:01 am | Posted in LIfe | 4 Comments
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Cherry Bomb
Written by John Mellencamp

Seventeen has turned thirty-five
I’m surprised that we’re still livin’
If we’ve done any wrong
I hope that we’re forgiven
Got a few kids of my own
And some days I still don’t know what to do
I hope that they’re not laughing too loud
When they hear me talkin’
Like this to you…

I was 17 around the time this song was originally released and popular. At the time, I had no idea that 35 could ever happen to me. Ah, the folly of youth.

Within just a few days 35 will be heading the way of 17. Looking back, I spent a good part of the years trying to live up to just about everyone’s expectations except my own. Living how I was “supposed to” didn’t save me from a fate of not having all the answers I feel I need for my children. I would say that I’m going to listen more closely to the my life’s next “Cherry Bomb,” but I already know that I’m not. I’m going live for myself now. My children may very well laugh at me. So be it. Sooner or later everyone has to learn that paybacks are hell. ;P



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  1. Happy upcoming birthday. Here’s to years of living for yourself!

  2. Well I certainly wish you a very Happy Birthday and that the girls put together some pretty macaroni necklaces with glitter for you to wear. You can pretend you’re the Queen. In fact, you should get one of those children’s tiaras and who ever has a birthday gets to wear it that day.

    I definitely would do 35 over again compared to 17.

  3. Thank you and Amen! I’ll let you know how 36 turns out on Monday. Speaking of which, I hate it when my b-day falls on Columbus Day. Now, if everyone got the day off that would be one thing. Since only those people dealing with my bank accounts and my birthday cards do, there’s no reason for it! 😉

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