An Honor

November 7, 2007 at 5:59 am | Posted in Barnes & Noble, Books, First Look Book Club, LibraryThing, Literary Criticism, My Life with Books, Pre-Release Sneak Peak, Reading, The Monsters of Templeton | 2 Comments

An article about the latest trend in providing ARC (Advance Reading Copy) to the general public has been published in this month’s issue of, a marketing newsletter for the publishing industry.  Over the past year, publishers have been increasingly providing free copies of books in an attempt to increase overall book sales.  The author of the article found this site.  Of the thousands of people who have received and reviewed ARC, she chose my review of The Monsters of Templeton to quote in the last paragraph in her article:

Perhaps best summing up the enthusiasm of “chosen” readers is Literate Housewife (, a blogger who was selected for both LibraryThing’s ERG and Barnes & Noble’s First Look Book Club. “Today, my free advanced reading copy arrived! I cannot tell you how excited I am!” she writes. After receiving her ARC of Lauren Goff’s Monsters of Templeton from BN, she posted a 983 word review on her personal blog, a link to buy the book at BN, and a link to Goff’s site as well as this note to BN at the end of the post: “Thank you Barnes and Noble for providing me with an Advance Reading Copy of this book. Your First Look Book Club is an incredible opportunity.”

I was in the offices of a new client when I noticed that a few people had come to my site from the article’s URL.  I had to blink back some tears when I read it.  I am honored by being singled out and feel proud of what I’ve accomplished here at 52 Books or Bust.  I never imagined that just being myself and writing about what I’ve discovered would have gotten this type of attention.  I hope that my enthusiasm encourages others to seek out books they might not have otherwise read.  I hope that the publishing industry continues to provide ARC to those people like myself who love to read and share our experiences with others.  I can tell you it feels like Christmas morning.


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  1. How cool!

  2. Wow! That really is awesome. Congratulations on the recognition!

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