The Other Boleyn Girl: The Trailer

November 16, 2007 at 4:14 pm | Posted in Books, Film, Henry VIII, Philippa Gregory | 2 Comments
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I am excited to share that the trailer for The Other Boleyn Girl is now available online. I’ve just watched it and cannot wait for the movie! I recently won a half-vacation day at work for making my United Way donation. It’s a certainty now that I’ll be saving that for the afternoon of Leap Day, February 29. I hope to see you there!


This leads back to the conversation we had earlier about what makes a movie based upon a movie good. I agree that to do any book worthy of a movie justice that it has to be longer than two to three hours. Based on the trailer, the movie will not be 100% faithful to the book; but is that necessary for the movie to be enjoyable? I loved this book so much, but I’m not a purest when it comes to film renditions – at least not all the time. Now that I’ve seen the actors in motion, I’m excited about the casting. I had thought that Scarlett Johannson would make a better Anne than Mary, but I like what I see of her here. I also see that Natalie Portman can be an effective bitch when she needs to be. 🙂


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  1. I can’t wait for the movie either!! The trailer is great (although all I could focus on was the announcer’s voice from the old Geico commercials!) and I agree with you abou the casting — very good choices! I hope they don’t mess up the book too much, though… I may have to re-read it again in February just to make sure!

  2. […] It didn’t take long for people to start crying foul.  Simon & Schuster released a mass market paperback version of the novel featuring the cast of the movie and people started arguing that Philippa Gregory was a sell out for allowing this to happen to her novel.  I don’t have any strong opinions about book covers.  I’m not sure how much control Gregory would have had over this publication as I would think that was part of the movie rights deal.  If I were an author, I don’t think I’d turn down movie rights just because of any associated mass market paperback.  Besides, it really is a great book.  If throwing Scarlett, Natalie, and boob-grabbing Eric on the front cover encourages others to read it, what difference does it make? The grumbling about the book cover didn’t affect my anticipation.  When the trailer was released, I got even more excited. […]

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