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My oldest childhood friend, Kristin, was hospitalized last night due to a high fever. My mother found out this morning that her kidneys were failing. I humbly ask all of you reading this to please say a prayer for her. Even if you don’t believe in prayer, she does. Maybe it will be of help and comfort for her. Depending upon her circumstances, I may be traveling home to Grand Rapids at any time. I really want to see her. I have lost touch with her since I’ve moved to Virginia and I want her to know how precious she is to me.

Kristin, my prayer for you is that your loving God will heal you and bring you back fully to us. If that is not for the best, I pray equally hard that you find delight and joy in His arms. You are my dearest childhood friend and I love you so much. My favorite childhood memory is us riding our bikes down the hill screaming “The Heart of Rock ‘n Roll” at the top of our lungs – especially when we got to “DETROIT!” I thank you for everything you are. You are one of my life’s biggest blessings.


Update 01/31/2008

The doctors have stabilized Kristin and had hoped to get an MRI taken during the night. They were unable to do so before. The weather between Virginia and Grand Rapids is not good tomorrow through at least the early part of next week. I’m going to take my chances and wait until later in February to drive home. With her being stabilized, I feel like I can plan around the weather and will still be able to see her – and hopefully while she’s on the mend.

I appreciate everyone’s prayers so much. She needs them.

Update 2/1/2008

I am sad to say that things are not sounding very good. Kristin is in a coma, on a ventilator, and undergoing kidney dialysis. Her situation sounds frighteningly like that told in this story about a Calvin College professor who died in the middle of January. My mother gave me a number to call tonight at 9pm. Kristin’s mom is going to hold the phone to her ear and let me talk to her. Just thinking about it makes me cry. How am I going to be strong? I just have to be.

The weather in Grand Rapids is supposed to be very bad between now and Monday. I haven’t purchased the tickets yet, but I found a good deal on a flight with a rental car leaving Charlotte, NC to Grand Rapids on 2/7 with return flights on 2/11. Hopefully that will give the conditions a chance to normalize and make the flight into GR possible. I am praying very hard that Kristin can hold on. I just want to hold her hand. It won’t be long now.

Update 2/4/2008

I held up much better than I expected when I spoke to Kristin Friday night. It helped that I talked with her sister, Kim for about 10 minutes before they put the phone to Kristin’s ear. I have felt so much better since then. That was such a gift to me and I greatly appreciate it. This is a hard time for the family and they didn’t have to even think to offer me that opportunity. They are working on removing the ventilator, which is good. Kim was hopeful on the phone. That being said, the nurse said that if you took a 12 inch ruler, with 12 being healthy, Kristin is at between 1 and 1 and a half. There is a long road ahead and I pray that she makes it.

I have purchased plane tickets from Virginia to Grand Rapids for later this week. They are anticipating more bad weather there today, but hopefully that will subside by the end of the week. I actually got a great deal through that included a rental car as well. Given the cost of the tickets and the wonderful flight times, I took that as confirmation that I’m doing the right thing by heading home. If all goes as scheduled, I should be sitting next to Kristin by 5:30 or 6pm on Thursday. I’ll return to Virginia by noon on Monday. Not too bad and no long drives on my part. I am so thankful!

I am so appreciative of everyone f0r their thoughts and prayers. I hope to have some good news when I return.

Update 2/8/2008

I spoke with Kristin’s sister again today.  Kristin’s kidneys are starting to function again and she’ll soon be off dialysis!  Now they just need her to wake up from her coma.  They were working on that yesterday and will be trying again today.  I will be seeing Kristin on Saturday afternoon and again on Sunday.  I can’t wait to see her and her family.  Thanks again so much for your prayers!



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  1. I am here to add my prayers.

  2. I’m so sorry about your friend. I hope you are able to get there to be with her.

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