The Other Boleyn Girl, A Review

February 29, 2008 at 9:27 pm | Posted in Books | 1 Comment
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It has been a fun yet exhausting day today, but I wanted to get my initial reaction to the movie published tonight. I’ll write in more depth tomorrow. The movie was good, not great, but enjoyable. All of the characters in the film were caricatures of their counterparts in the novel, but that is to be expected when translating a 600+ page novel into a two-hour movie. I would agree with the review written in Entertainment Weekly and give the film a B.


What a busy weekend!  I didn’t get another chance to even touch the computer.  I was planning on writing a more in depth review of the movie, but it looks like Devourer of Books already did that for me.  Her review is spot on.

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  1. I read the EW review and wondered how your experience was.
    My hubby was going to take me yesterday to a matinee but we never got around to it.

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