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When Tracy left a comment that she had a copy of The Lady Elizabeth, the latest novel written by Alison Weir, book lust set in to my reader’s heart fast and furious. Were I the Incredible Hulk, I would have ripped through my clothes and turned green within minutes of reading Tracy’s comment (which wouldn’t really be so bad – green is my favorite color). I read Innocent Traitor last May while I was vacationing at the beach and absolutely loved it. So, I couldn’t stop thinking about the book and how wonderful I am hoping it will be. Thankfully, a merciful 15% coupon arrived in my email from Barnes & Noble and I immediately put it to good use. My very own copy of The Lady Elizabeth will be arriving today. Although I’m about a third of the way through Mistaken Identity, I don’t think I’m going to be able to wait. I’m afraid thoughts of any other book are going to be lost the second I see that package on my door step.

Cover to The Lady Elizabeth

One of the main reason’s I’m curious about this book is to see how I feel about Elizabeth I as a result. Although I love Philippa Gregory, The Virgin’s Lover was not my favorite book in her Tudor series. I also had really been looking forward to Elizabeth: The Golden Age and was sadly disappointed by how boring it was. So much so that I was never able to muster up the motivation to write my review of the movie afterwards. Yet, I’ve enjoyed novels where Elizabeth is not the main character. I’m wondering if this is because I didn’t find Elizabeth that interesting or was it the treatment she received in the book and movie? I’m hoping it’s the later. How can Elizabeth not be an intriguing character?



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  1. Ooooh, I’m not sure I’ll be able to wait for that to make its way to Half Price Books (depending on your review, of course).

  2. Thanks for coming by my card blog. I’d love to see you post your card creations if you decide to blog them make sure to send me the address so I can add it to my google reader.

  3. My local library had this on order and I put myself on the hold list – last week I was 6th. Today, I get an email saying that the book is ready for me to pick up (not really sure how that happened, but I”m not going to question the book gods)! Unfortunately, I’m out of town right now and so won’t be able to pick it up until Monday. I really enjoyed Innocent Traitor, so I’m looking forward to this one.

  4. It is with a sad heart that I report that my book was not on my doorstep yesterday evening. I checked my email to discover that UPS rescheduled for today. *sigh* As disappointing as that was, I pretty much crashed last night. I needed the sleep and I wouldn’t have done that if that book was sitting there waiting to be cracked open.

    I also found out that Alison Weir is going to be in Ann Arbor on the 18th. My brother and his family lives there. We’ll all be on vacation together the week of the 12th in Gatlinburg, so I’m hoping I can hand him my book and he can get it signed for me. I might even ask for a picture of him with her (if that’s not considered uncool – I’ve never been to a book signing before). I haven’t asked my brother yet, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed. It will all depend on when they get back from Gatlinburg.

  5. I love this period in history also and am looking forward to getting my own hands on a copy of The Lady Elizabeth.

    Still, I’m managing to distract myself very well with reading “El Tigre” by John Manhold. It’s a change of pace for me, and one I was at first reluctant to explore – the late 19th Century Europe and Americas, but I have to say it’s really drawn me in.

    It follows a young man, Johann, from Prussia (think old Spanish Aristocracy) to the United States (some stops in between, naturally, with action and adventure), where he helps establish Texas and California. Lots of action, a bit of romance, but most importantly a fast moving story with lots of historical material woven in so expertly that all you’ll really notice is the story.

    Thought others might be interested, would love to read your thoughts if you ever come by a copy.

  6. FYI, I got TWO comments almost identical to Peter’s a week or so ago, and rants and reads from A Novel World got one just a couple of days ago. Too bad, because El Tigre would have sounded interesting if they weren’t so dang spammy.

  7. Hey Jennifer…. I hope your copy arrived on Friday! I agree about The Virgin’s Lover — it was definitely my least favorite of Philippa’s books…. in fact I think I skipped a large chunk in the middle to get to the end (which I never do!).

    You will definitely finish Alison Weir before I do, since I still can’t get to the point of starting it because I don’t want it to end… just knowing that I have it and COULD start it whenever I want to is enough right now… I like savoring it. Weird, I know.

    I think you should go home with your brother to see Alison Weir in person!! And as for the picture with her… different places have different rules about that, and it often depends on how large the crowd is. I’ve seen her before, and she’s very sweet – I’m sure she’d be shocked that someone even wants to take a picture with her! If he has a camera with video, though, see if he can get a snippet of her talking — wonderful accent!

  8. I did get my copy yesterday, but since I had an extra day to get further into Mistaken Identity, I decided to be more like Tracy and not give into to my lust immediately. 🙂 I stayed up much later than I should have last night and was able to finish it during the girls’ rest period. Now, The Lady Elizabeth is all mine to start with a clear conscience. I try to be a more patient person, but I’m not very good at it. 🙂

    Dev – thanks for the heads up on Peter. I wondered what was going on based upon the link from his sign on. You’re right. Nothing like spamming to ruin a decent book idea.

  9. Hello everyone,

    While I read tons of blogs, I rarely post a comment. But I’m seeing such an interesting thread here, I just had to jump in and ask some questions…

    First a little about me. I LOVE historical fiction, primarily 12-17th century England. But I think I got originally hooked on John Jakes “The Bastard” over 20 years ago. Since then I’ve loved reading Anya Seaton’s work, some of Philippa Gregory, am head over heals in love with all of Diana Gabaldon’s books, and then who could pass up Ken Follett’s recent works. I love finding new and rather unknown authors as well. I picked up a copy of a book at Costo recently called “The Serpent’s Tale” by Ariana Franklin. Loved it! The cover reads, “In medieval England, one extraordinary woman knows the secrets of the dead”. As a result, I ordered one of her other books, “Mistress of the Art of Death”.

    On a few blogs, I’ve been hearing people mention a book that has come up here, “El Tigre”. Because of that, I ordered a copy online and from the time I opened the book and read the first passage, I was hooked. I am extremely grateful to have heard about it on blogs like this one; and, am totally confused about the discussion around Peter’s post and others calling his post spammy. Since people who come here are passionate about historical fiction, why does it seem strange that people are talking about it? Heck – I’m going to be watching for John Manhold’s next book just like I stalk Diana Gabaldon’s next releases!

    Sorry if I’ve been long winded – guess I’m making up for all those posts I’ve never made – LOL! Anyway – here’s my question: Have I been spammy here by talking about El Tigre and other books I like??? I’d like to do whatever I can to get the word out about John’s book and Ariana’s books – but I don’t want to step on anyone’s toes…..


  10. I also enjoy historical fiction.
    I don’t write any, but I do
    enjoy getting in the capsule
    and traveling back in time.
    Thanks for having a neat blog.

  11. […] from the moment I first heard about it.  When I heard that Tracy had a copy, there was virtually no stopping me from purchasing it and reading it immediately.  While the writing was equally good here as it was […]

  12. […] from the moment I first heard about it. When I heard that Tracy had a copy, there was virtually no stopping me from purchasing it and reading it immediately. While the writing was equally good here as it was in […]

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