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May 22, 2008 at 1:19 pm | Posted in Books | 9 Comments

Hi all! I just wanted to let everyone know that I’ve updated my LibraryThing username from Speedhaven to LiterateHousewife so that everyone will know who I am. I just wasn’t thinking when I created my LibraryThing profile.


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  1. I’m still debating doing this as well. When I first joined LT I was JUST using it as a way to catalog all my books. I didn’t really even know about the rest of it, nor was I particularly interested. Now I’m on “talk” all day at work. I can’t decide if it would be confusing to people I interact with in talk…

  2. You can use me as a guinea pig. Did my previous comments update? I also left a message for those I contact the most beforehand.

  3. Your previous comments did update in my profile, I wonder if they also would in talk threads?

  4. I just noticed that my comments in the Early Reviewers section about Love Marriage were updated to reflect my new name. You’ll probably be just fine if you make that change. If you’re going to do it, it’s probably going to be easier sooner than later.

  5. So did you just email Abby?

    Also, did you get Love Marriage? Have you read it yet?

  6. I had to dig somewhat for that information on their site, but here is what you need to do… send an email to lindsey at with the following information: your current username, your desired username or two (in case your first choice is unavailable
    ), and your password. The site suggested that you change your password to something simple during the time that this will happen and then change it back to your usual password.

    I did get Love Marriage. It came while I was on vacation and I started reading it yesterday. So far it’s pretty interesting. Have you gotten yours?

  7. I had a fairly terrible book for April that came right away. I’m reading a book from the bonus batch right now though, The 19th Wife, and it is probably the best book I’ve gotten from the ER Program. I’m enjoying it alot. I’ve seen mixed reviews on Love Marriage but it was one that I was interested it. I’m trying to figure out whether to keep it on the wishlist.

  8. Okay, I just emailed Lindsey. Also, fyrefly and I are going to trade. She is going to give me “Love Marriage” and I am going to just go ahead and send her the book she asked for in my contest and let her choose a different one instead. I’m excited to read it!

  9. I tried to get the 19th Wife. I’m going to really be interested in your review, especially if it’s your favorite ER. Gardens of Water has been mine and I hope that you will like that one as much as I did.

    I would say it’s good to get Love Marriage for me. I’m into the second section now and the writing is starting to feel really self-conscious.

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