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May 27, 2008 at 4:55 pm | Posted in Books | 10 Comments
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Brought to us by The Boston Bibliophile:

So the question this week is- how many books do you have cataloged in your LibraryThing account? How do you decide what to include- everything you have, everything you’ve read- and are there things you leave off?

I have 353 books cataloged on my LibraryThing account.  I have included much of what I own.  I’ve also included everything I’ve read since I started this blog even if I didn’t own or keep the book.  I thought long and hard about this, but I decided that was okay.  If I don’t have the book and it’s listed, I’ve published my review for it.  I also use the Private Notes to indicate things like ARCs, library books, etc…

The books I don’t have listed right now are books from my young adulthood that are still in Michigan with my parents and those on a couple of smaller bookshelves in our basement.  Our laptop doesn’t get great reception in the basement and I have been too lazy to bring them up.


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  1. I don’t have any of my teenager books listed either- I don’t even know where they are. Maybe I should add some, for sentimental value. Ah, the days of Judy Blume and Robert Cormier. Nice to meet you and welcome aboard! hope you enjoy Tuesday Thingers.

  2. I don’t have all of my books listed yet either. I started and then joined too many groups and well time got away from me. Nice to see you here!

  3. I haven’t listed many of my young adult or childhood books yet, either – mainly just the “Alice” books. But I definitely intend to list them at some point if I can ever get them out of storage. So many books, so little space and time.

  4. Thank you all for visiting my blog! I’ve been on LibraryThing for a while now, but I haven’t been active on the groups that much. Thankfully Devourer of Books is my shining light in the distance. 🙂 I do have to take back a little bit about the childhood books. I’ve always treasured my Louisa May Alcott books and have never left home without them. They’re listed, but my Trixie Belden, Bobsy Twins, and Nancy Drew aren’t. I can’t wait until my daughters reach that age. I’d love to rediscover them again. I also fondly remember the book called The Wheel on the School. With the clues given away by the title, I can’t remember what the book was about at all.

  5. I’ve added all my teen books, except for my sweet valley high books. Lol I figure I’ll be giving them away at some point, so there’s no point in adding them all.

  6. I had completely forgotten about SVH!!!!! They were classic. I bet they’ll be overhauled like all other things from that time period very soon. I can’t imagine what the twins will look like for my daughters. 🙂

  7. I like your idea to catalogue books even if you don’t own it, if you have read it. But I am torn between that, and having it be n exclusive way to keep track of the books that I own. ahhh!

    happy Tuesday, well…Wednesday.

  8. I wish I still had the books from my childhood. I have a few and they’re on LT already but the rest disappeared over the years unfortunately.

  9. Bethany, you know, I never thought about LibraryThing specifically as a way to catalog the books I own. That is the logical way to think about it, isn’t it? I was just like – this is a very cool thing and the Early Reviewers group might be something I can join to snag some free books. Maybe that’s what has saved my sanity about cataloging for my own use (do I own that book? where is it? type of thing). I wonder if there is something you could set that could help you query only those books you own versus what you’ve read, given away, etc…

    Jacquie, what books have you lost from childhood? The Wheel on the School is definitely in that category for me. I can easily buy it on Amazon, but it’s not the edition I had – more importantly it’s not the same picture on the cover.

  10. My husband and my books are intermixed and so I entered them all. When I was first logging them in, we discovered we had several duplicates–in some cases we chose to keep both copies and in others we gave them away. I only log books I own into my library. I haven’t tagged many of the books I read before I joined LT, but I try and keep up with the tags of those I acquire and/or read now.

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