July Book Blowout ~ Update Day 4

July 4, 2008 at 7:36 am | Posted in Books | 6 Comments

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I finish Aberrations last night. Once I got into the story, it went lightening fast. I really enjoyed it. It was one of those ARCs I wasn’t sure if I wanted to accept or not. I’m very glad that I did. As with Admit One and Regina’s Closet, I hope to post my review this weekend.

Next up: The i Tetralogy by Mathias B. Freese. I’m sure that this is going to be the most difficult book for me to read due to the subject matter. I don’t anticipate reading this one as quickly as the others.

Cover to The i Tetralogy

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  1. Glad you enjoyed the meme at Bookstack, at by all means, feel free to copy it and do it yourself!

    Thanks for stopping by! I’ll be back to check out your review of Aberrations – it looks like a good read!

  2. hello,
    i get a google alert and your name came up. if i didn’t suggest so, first read the autobiographical essay at the end which serves as a baedecker to the book; and yes, it need to be read in doses, giving yourself time to digest it all. I wrote it in passion and with all due diligence.
    kind regards,

  3. Glad you liked “Aberrations”, I look forward to your review 🙂

  4. Good luck with what will surely be a difficult read. If you need some lighter fare afteward, I’d certainly recommend Bill Bryson. My latest review is up now.

  5. Looking forward to the Aberrations review. I’m interested in that latest book of yours too.

  6. Becca – Thank you so much! I’ll probably copy and post that meme today. I hope that others will, too.

    Matt – you did tell me to do that and I read it as soon as I got your book. I’ve gotten through the first 3 chapters in i and I’m finding it very compelling thus far. I took a class on Literature of the Holocaust in grad school in preparation for a trip to Germany in 1997. Your novel’s tone and concepts this little way in fits very well with the accounts I read during that class.

    Readerville – I can’t say that I’ve ever heard of Bill Bryson before. I’ll look him up. Luckily, my next ARC is Silent Thunder by Iris Johansen and Roy Johansen. It should be a much needed break from the harsh realities of the Holocaust.

    Mrs S – I hope to post that review tomorrow. If all works out as expected, I’ll be posting my review of the two books before it today.

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