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Regina’s Closet: Finding My Grandmother’s Secret Journal by Diana M. Raab

If ever there was a granddaughter who loved her grandmother, Diana M. Raab is that granddaughter. In her book, she lovingly weaves a memorial to her grandmother Regina through her own remembrances as the precious journal Raab’s mother found in the closet, decades after Regina’s suicide. Without judgment or justification the author allows her grandmother to tell the story of her childhood and early adulthood. When outside historical or family information could be found, Raab filled in some of the gaps, but what was especially poignant was how Regina’s journal brought her grandmother to life for her.

Diana M. Raab was 10 years old the day that her grandmother committed suicide. She discovered her grandmother’s body in bed when she went to her to ask if she could go out. She was home alone. What a terrifying experience for a young child. To exacerbate that, she didn’t discover the truth behind the death until she over heard her mother whispering to friends. There is no way that such an experience couldn’t leave a lasting impact on one’s life. It seems that it caused Raab to be a strong, loving woman. Although her own parents were distant, she went on to raise a close knit family with three children. It was only after she read Regina’s journal that she discovered from where her fortitude, her writing skills, and her nurturing love for her children came.

I read this book in less than a day. Regina’s story along with the author’s incites were compelling and freshly written. Often when a person commits suicide, that is how they are remembered or talked about. Raab gives life to her grandmother’s entire story in Regina’s Closet. Reading this book made me think about my Uncle Randy, who committed suicide exactly one week after my 21st birthday – on his father’s 75th birthday. Randy had been very sick for a very long time before he died. I wish that he had left a journal or something to reassure my grandfather that his suicide was not my grandfather’s fault or a final punishment for something he did. Survivors, in my experience, blame themselves a thousand times over for what happened. Rarely do they stop to consider that while they were the ones who had to pick up the pieces, this wasn’t about them at all. Raab even expands on that concept. Upon reflection she discovered that Regina gave her a gift after her death – a beautiful relationship between Diana and her grandfather Samuel. Where there is death, there is new life.

I would highly recommend Regina’s Closet to everyone. Although Regina did commit suicide, there is a rich history in the story. Much of the book takes place in Eastern Europe, and tells the story of lonely and unloved young girl growing up in a Jewish family scrambling to survive World War I and the beginnings of World War II. What was simply a journal Regina kept during those years became a treasure for the author, who wrote a love letter in return. Simply beautiful.


To purchase this book, click here.  Diana M. Raab is donating the proceeds from Regina’s Closet to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. When you buy this book, you’ll also be helping to prevent suicides. You get a great book and a donation is made to a great cause. What could be better than that?


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  1. This looks like a fantastic book, thank you so much for this review. I definitely want to check it out.

  2. This sounds like an excellent read…I’ll go add it to my TBR list now. Thanks for the review!

  3. You’re the second person to review this that I’ve seen today – it’s just gone on my wish list 🙂

  4. You won’t be disappointed. It’s a wonderful book.

  5. […] The Literate Housewife Review’s very first guest post by Diana M. Raab, the author of Regina’s Closet: Finding My Grandmother’s Secret Journal. I hope that you enjoy her reflections on her grandmother and how she encouraged the young writer […]

  6. I am going to have to get this book too. Maybe it will give me insight to why my 23 year old son PHILIP hated life so much that he shot himself in his mouth and ended his life and ended mine too as his MaMa. His Dad and I were forced into empty nest syndrome by the worst tragedy of finding our baby boy in a pool of HIS own blood and half of his brain beside him and splattered with blood. He took away all JOY out of our lives. Since March 1st, 2oo7. Just by Philip’s ULTIMATE MISTAKE! At least we DO know he is in HEAVEN with NO pain. We carry pain around every day because we miss him so VERY much. How much HARDER is this going to get? I love you Philip! Your MaMa, nancy 7-18-08

  7. […] Well, I finally finished The i Tetralogy on the 10th.  I decided to soldier through it (no pun intended) because it was quite honestly making me very anxious.  The book very much accomplished what it set out to do, but you really need to be prepared before you read it.  I even had a hard time writing reviews while I was I was reading it – hence I’ve only posted Regina’s Closet. […]

  8. […] the month of July is over and 10 books proved more challenging for me than I thought.  I read Regina’s Closet and Aberrations very quickly.  They were both easy and enjoyable books to read.  Two books in 4 […]

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