July Book Blowout ~ Mini Challenge 2

July 15, 2008 at 11:22 am | Posted in Books, LIfe, Reading | 2 Comments
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Here are my answers to the second mini challenge for the July Book Blowout:

The Where’s Your Book Set? Meme

Here’s how it works – just answer some or all of the following questions about the book you are currently reading (or just finished if you are between books).

Here’s the questions:

1. Title and author of the book:

Since I haven’t started The Gargoyle by Andrew Davidson yet, I’ll write about Silent Thunder by Iris Johansen and Roy Johansen.

2. What year is the book set in?

This book is set in modern time.

3. What happened on this day in that year? Go to google and type in the date i.e. 13 July 1952 and see if you can find a news item for that day.

I was reading this book when I found out that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s twins were born: Knox and Vivienne.

4. Where is your book set?

Although this is an adventure novel that moves around from place to place, the home base was in Boston, Mass.

5. Have you visited that place before? If yes tell us something about your trip. If no, look the location up on Google and tell us an interesting fact about the city/country.

I’ve never been to Boston, but I’ve always wanted to go. I’m excited that I will be there in October. I was asked to speak at a conference about a project I managed.



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  1. Oh Boston in October should be lovely – I’ve always wanted to go there in the fall and see the beautiful colours

  2. I hope you’re right about that. I don’t think it will be too chilly to do some exploring. I like to take in the historical stuff when I go someplace new.

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