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July 29, 2008 at 10:04 pm | Posted in LIfe | 14 Comments
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I just spent 30 minutes of precious “children are asleep” time sitting in front of the TV watching Tori and Dean. The last time I sat down on the couch by myself to channel surf was so long ago that I don’t even remember it. Danny and I have been watching Movie Mob every week and that is about it. So why now?

It’s Tuesday when I should be happily participating in Tuesday Thingers (nothing personal, Marie – I swear!). For whatever reason, I didn’t get any further than copying and pasting the question into a blank post. I have just over two days to go in July Book Blowout and I’m just blah. I don’t care to pick up my book. I can’t concentrate or feel inspired to write either of the two reviews I have waiting on the back burner. One of those books I really didn’t like and those reviews are usually the easiest to write. I just want to veg right now and that’s about it, folks. I don’t know if it’s the weather (hot and muggy) or a let down from a lot of changes at work (all positive) that happened over the past week or so. I just can’t say.

I think I just need to get some sleep. Maybe in the morning Literate Housewife will be the one to wake up tomorrow. Right now, it’s just Jennifer and she’s got about enough energy to push Publish and that’s it.



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  1. Hey, Jennifer! Everyone has slumps, so don’t worry … you’ll get over it, or through it, or something. I have about 20 episodes of Tori and Dean (Inn Love and Home Sweet Home) recorded on my DVR. I loved her memoir, made me want to watch the show!

  2. I’ve been dragging lately, too – where books and reviews are concerned. I think it’s due to the amount of pressure I’ve placed on myself because of the number of arcs I’ve received lately. Gotta read that book, gotta review that book, on to the next one, no time for one I want to read, there are too many I have to read…
    I’ve got about 90 pages left on the book I’m reading, and then I’ve promised myself I can read something just for pleasure – no pressure. Maybe it’ll pull me out of my slump.

    Love the photo, by the way!

  3. I’ve been okay with my reading, but a bit of a slacker where reviews are concerned lately. I definitely have at least 4 to write,,,

  4. There must be a virus going around the blog world. I feel the same way. Hopefully we’ll snap out of it soon.

  5. I’m glad that I’m not alone in my dulldrums – not that I want anyone else to feel this way. I think that I do feel a lot of pressure with my ARCs, even though I’m mostly enjoying them. I love Traci’s idea to read one book just for herself. I might just do that monthly!
    I’m not a big Tori fan, but it was the trashiest thing I could find on TV. It was the episode where she has the weird lady “cleanse” her house. Strange! Despite that, she seemed like a somewhat normal person after watching the show.

  6. Awww–I guess we all must be going through this. It has to be the summertime blues. Sometimes when it’s hot, I just feel like lying around like a slug-bug.

    I’ve seen a couple of Tori & Dean episodes. I think it’s kind of cute, especially when Tori gets all jealous because a woman is making googly-eyes at her man.

  7. I love that photo, Jennifer! What a perfect illustration of some of the ‘ho-hum, I don’t wanna moments’ I’ve had. :-/

  8. Me too!! I love that picture:)

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  10. Jennifer, I’m with you! I’ve not felt so curiously uninspired for ages, and I’ve been watching trash tv myself.

    Here’s to inspiration wherever we can find it – or to just enjoying vegging out 🙂

  11. Becca, I’m just happy that I’m reading again. Hopefully it won’t be long until my writing kicks in. I am also very excited about the TBR pile contest. I think that Lisa’s right. Looking at things from a different angle is very helpful.

  12. It’s funny- I was fine until I took my vaca, now I’m definitely in a slump. I have two reviews I need to write just floating around in my head but no desire to really start writing them. I’m SOOO behind on reading/commenting. I’m not even kidding- my google reader has 675 items!

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  14. […] those curious about the picture, back in 2008 I went through my first reading malaise. Book bloggers and Lisa Roe from Online Publicist rallied and it resulted in a fun little TBR photo […]

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