A Love Letter to The Other Queen

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If ever there was a novel I have coveted and wanted in my hot little hands NOW, it is The Other Queen by Philippa Gregory. Ever since I finished her other books about the Tudor clan, I’ve been willing time to speed up time and make September 16, 2008 arrive. Thus far, it hasn’t worked. I even contemplated writing an open post to Simon and Schuster and Philippa Gregory begging for an ARC. In the end, I opted to retain my dignity and self-respect and wait patiently.

obvious choice

obvious choice

I won’t be reading any reviews of the book beforehand. While I don’t have patience for many other things, I have no problem avoiding reviews of books and movies beforehand. In fact, I haven’t even read anything else about Mary, Queen of Scots because I want my “first time” to be with Philippa. All that I will be bringing to this story is my deep respect and admiration for Gregory and my love for the Tudors. I know that this will end in tragedy, but that is where Gregory works her best magic. I cannot wait.

In some respects, my waiting has come to an end. This morning I pre-ordered my copy of the novel. September 16 is still 40 days away counting today, but knowing that there is a copy with my name written on it (but not, unfortunately, by Philippa Gregory herself), gives me some peace. I know that the moment it see that package on the front porch I will jump out of the car, run up to it, and hug it to my chest. When I have time alone (the girls tend to be all over me when I’m opening a box) – most probably locked in the bathroom – I will open the box and just look at it. I’ll run my fingers over the title and the author’s name and then pick it up. I’ll look at the back cover and run my hands over it. I’ll open the book and read the inside flaps. Finally, I’ll open the book somewhere in the middle, move my nose in close and breathe the book in. Sigh…

Until then, I will continue to eagerly anticipate what I hope will be my best reading experience of the year, not unlike Mary on the cover.



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  1. Oooh…I want!

  2. Jennifer –

    I’m a huge fan too and eagerly awaiting the release of this book. With your dedication to the author, the time period and the genre, you most certainly deserve a review copy!!!


  3. I’m looking forward to reading this book, too–though not as much as you are!

  4. Oh my gosh I want to read this one, too, though maybe not as much as you. 😉

    I went to BEA this year and tried and tried to get a copy, but it wasn’t in the cards. sigh.

  5. Great post! I’m really looking forward to this one too. There is nothing better than the smell of a newly cracked open book I say!

  6. Ditto to Darlene.

    And I hope Ms. Gregory stumbles upon your post.

  7. I am definitely obsessed. 🙂 Amy, if you couldn’t get one at the BEA, no one was going to get one. I guess for more established authors they don’t give out many. Karen, from your comment, to God’s ears!

  8. Jennifer – this has nothing to do with this book…just a response to the comment on my page. Yes, I have always enjoyed reading non-fiction. Unfortunately I have only been able to read 1 fiction book since I started this website in February…but I have always liked to learn stuff while I read.

  9. The irony for me is that this book was released in Australia months ago, but because I am on a very limited book buying budget I haven’t been able to buy it. I am really high up in the list at the library but it seems as though they are buying the US edition and so it is still on order. It is so hard to walk through the shops and see it there every time and not buy it.

  10. I can’t WAIT!!!!!!!!! The Other Boleyn Girl is on my all time fave list.

    You might want to try CW Gortner’s The Last Queen. It just came out and it is fabulous– reminds me in a lot of ways of TOBG.

  11. Marg, ACK!!!! Here’s what I would do if I was in that situation. I would go to the book store and start reading as long as I felt comfortable. I’d write down the page number where I left off and then repeat. I’d use different books stores if I had to, particularly large ones. Of course, I have no shame when it comes to PG apparently. 😉
    Lisa, I just got my copy of The Last Queen in the mail on Wednesday and I can’t wait. ARCs and reading challenges be damned. This will probably be my next up.

  12. This is on my wishlist 🙂 Not preordered…. but I’m thinking about it!

  13. […] Philippa Gregory, Salman Rushdie, Washington D.C. As my regular readers are well aware, I’m a Philippa Gregory fanatic. To this day, two of my three most viewed posts by far are about reading her Tudor series in […]

  14. […] my regular readers are well aware, I’m a Philippa Gregory fanatic. To this day, two of my three most viewed posts by far are about reading her Tudor series in […]

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