Tuesday Thingers ~ Favorite Bookstores

August 12, 2008 at 6:47 am | Posted in Books | 11 Comments

Today’s question: Favorite bookstores. What’s your favorite bookstore? Is it an online store or a bricks-and-mortar store? How often do you go book shopping? Is your favorite bookstore (or bookstores) listed as a favorite in LT? Do you attend events at local bookstores? Do you use LT to find events?

I can honestly say that I’ve never had a favorite bookstore.  When I lived in Grand Rapids I enjoyed going to Schuler Books.  The atmosphere was pleasant, but I don’t remember all that much about the store anymore.  I haven’t been there since I moved to Virginia in 96.  There are several independent bookstores in the area I live now, but they aren’t places I would hang out.  One is downtown, which makes parking difficult.  The other, Ram’s Head Books, is at a local mall.  I’ve been there several times, but again, I can take it or leave it.  I do most of my shopping at Amazon or Barnes & Noble, so I guess if I had to pick a favorite, that’s what I would say.  In general, if I want to hang out around books I would choose the library every time.

I’ve checked local events several times, but there is never any for Roanoke.  I would love to attend events if there were, though.

Do you have a favorite bookstore?  If so, why?  I’d be interested in hearing about what I’ve been missing.



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  1. I wish there was a dream bookstore in my city – one with lots of plush chairs and events galore.

  2. So, you’re near Roanoke? My son goes to school at Tech.

  3. Oooh… I’ve been to those dreamy ones, Lenore. When I was in Indy a couple years ago, I visited the Borders in Circle Center Mall. It’s two stories and a hands-on children’s section. I like-ta never got the kids out of there!

  4. It’s sad that your independents aren’t that great. We have one in my actual town here in NJ and it isn’t really that nice either. Doesn’t carry a very large selection, probably because it’s small, and I could take or leave the employees. Oh well. The actual books are the important part anyway!

  5. Even though I really love bookstores, I do agree that libraries are much nicer places to hang out in. You can just sit around all day reading books and nobody thinks it’s weird or tries to sell you anything. Such a wonderful invention!

  6. I find it very relaxing to find a comfy spot at the library with a good book, but I prefer our older historic libraries over the newer ones that are filled with computer stations and chrome accents (they feel too much like futuristic space stations) lol

  7. Amazon’s it for me too. I wish I had a great one though!!!

  8. I have a favorite bookstore in every place I’ve been to! It’s nice because I’m in the know of where to get books. I’ll have to work on this post…I’m behind this week! 🙂

  9. bermuda, I live about 40 to 45 minutes from VT. Does your son love it there? We were just there about a week and a half ago for their summer festival. I love the campus.
    I don’t like modern libraries that much, either. I would rather the library put its money into their collection and get cushy old couches and chairs from Goodwill. 😉

  10. My son does love it at Tech. We lived in Alabama when he started there, but as soon as we toured the campus, he said, “This is it.” I think he will stay in Blacksburg if he can figure out how to make a living there. (We were there, cleaning, this past weekend.)

  11. Oh wow, if you are ever in Eugene, Oregon, you have to explore Smith Family Bookstore, either one (there are two), they both rock. Tons of books that are pretty reasonably priced. Then if you happen to go further north to Portland, Oregon, DO NOT miss the chance to go to Powell’s. That is, if you like to wander through huge rooms of books, both used and new. You can spend four or five hours there (and I have!) and still not feel like you’ve seen everything yet.

    Yikes, I usually don’t sound so much like an advertisement, but I miss these places so much. I moved to North Carolina a couple of years ago and these bookstores are what I truly pine for…

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