Creative TBR Photo Contest Now Open!

August 14, 2008 at 12:00 am | Posted in Books | 14 Comments
The photo that started it all

The photo that started it all

My lack of inspiration inspired Lisa Roe to write a guest post about trying to think about TBRs in a new way.  The photo she included in her post inspired me to hold this contest. In response, 13 photos were submitted. Each with their own unique look at TBRs. You can find them on my Creative TBR Photo Gallery page.

I think they’re all wonderful, so I’m going to decide which is the most inspiring photo. After looking at all of the pictures, use the poll below to place your vote. The poll closes at noon EST on August 18. The photo with the most votes at the close wins a $15 Amazon gift card.

Let the voting begin!




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  1. I’m so mad! I didn’t get this done in time. Just another thing to add to the ISL (incomplete summer list) ;-(

  2. So fun! There are a lot of great pictures here, what a good idea!

  3. wow, some great pictures!! very creative.

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  5. Loved them all, the one about moving on Sept 3rd really got to me as my DH and I are moving in a few weeks and I have to pack up all my books. But in the end I had to vote for Books killed her – I suspect it might be the way I meet my maker!

  6. You know when you have that moment when you’re like, “I wish I’d thought of that”? I’m having that thirteen times over! So amazing!

  7. I love them all! Which to choose? A difficult decision…I think it might be Got Caffeine. The story of my life!

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  9. What awesome pictures!! I hope there will be more of these creative photo contests, I love this type of thing.

  10. This is so cool! I wish I’d submitted a picture.

    Just wanted to let you know that I’ve moved to a new blog because of some trademark issues with the name Readerville. Hope you’ll come visit soon.

  11. These photos are all great, aren’t they? How in the world do you pick? Thanks to everyone who is voting! This is a lot of fun. I hope that there will be other contests like this again soon. BTW, I’m so sorry about your trademark issues, Rebecca!

  12. Wow, so many great entries!! How fun!

  13. It’s hard to choose! Everyone is so creative.

  14. Love the pics 🙂 It was really hard to vote for just one!

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