Oh Dear, It’s THAT Time of Year

August 29, 2008 at 4:59 pm | Posted in LIfe | 11 Comments
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As excited as I am about attending the National Book Festival in less than a month, fall is not the best time of year for me. It seems like it kicks in earlier and earlier each year, but with the shortened days come darker moods and quicker overreactions. I think that I’ve probably been this way most of my life. It became extremely noticeable beginning the Labor Day weekend that Steve Irwin died. I first started noticing it a couple of weeks ago. The official name for this is Seasonal Affective Disorder. SAD. Just great. Whoever came up with that name ought to be shot.

As much as I love a long weekend, this holiday is my least favorite. It signals that it’s time for me to do the exact opposite of what I feel like doing (hibernate) and sit under my natural light lamp each day and make sure to get outside while there is sunlight and get some fresh air.

I’m trying to look at this very positively and use this time for some self improvement.

First of all, having to sit under my Ott Light for a half hour gives me the perfect planned excuse time to read. šŸ™‚

Second, getting exercise is not only good for your waist-line (or finding it), it’s a natural mood enhancer, and I don’t do enough of it. With fall will come less humidity and cooler temperatures. No more excuses to avoid moving. To help provide more incentive to get outside walking, I’m looking for an MP3 player with more space than my current 1 Gig Sansa (with 2 Gig chip). I want to load my audio books on it so I can get even more reading time in to my day.

Thirdly, The Biggest Loser family edition starts on September 16 and I’m going to try to get a mini TBL going with my mother and sisters. We are now pretty spread out (Virginia, Southern Indiana, Chicago, and Grand Rapids), so this will give us something to bond over, even if it is slightly competitive. To my beloved sisters out there: if you’re reading this, I’ll be giving you a call very soon…

Finally, I’m going to make it a priority to get rid of the stuff that’s hanging around the house weighing me down. My babies aren’t babies anymore, so there’s no reason to hold on to the strollers, baby swing, baby slides, bottles, crib, toddler beds, clothes, shoes, etc… I also have over 350 books that I’ve had on sale on half.com for over a year. They’re taking up valuable shelf space. Those books that I’ll never conceivably read will be put on sale. If I really get organized, I might put them up for grabs here. Please don’t hold your breath, though. šŸ˜‰

Do you have any plans for your fall?


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  1. Ah, another SAD companion. Me too. I started noticing it a few weeks ago too-I think it coincided with it getting dark so early in the evening now. So many people love the fall and I just don’t. To me it signals winter, the cold and snow. Many people don’t understand the disorder either-they say just suck it up, it’s just fall or winter; I don’t think they fully understand. Anyhow, I haven’t come up with any plans to combat it although I should. I’m hoping the book clubs and blogging this year will help. We’ll see. Hope you do well with all you have planned to get you through-I sure hope it works.

  2. I hope you get through your winter blues.
    As for myself, I do wish the summer months could last a bit longer. It will be so cold out before we know it. But on the plus side of it, you can cuddle up indoors with a good book on those cold winter days.

  3. For me this fall means back to work (the school I work for is closed in the summer) and so back to being busier. More reading, planning, all that good stuff. We have two family weddings to attend, I’m visiting a friend in NYC soon, and we have home renovations going on as well. šŸ™‚

  4. Well, I’ve got my fall reading list posted last week. So I’ll be reading. Does that even surprise people I wonder?

    I’m flying over the pond to attend my sister’s wedding in Hong Kong for just three days in early October. I’ve got my Russian Lit seminar for the term so I’ll be grading papers!

  5. I’m sorry winter is so tough for you, my husband suffers from it too.

    Have you thought about http://www.paperbackswap.com to get rid of your books?

  6. I’m not crazy about the shorter days or cooler weather, either. I try to look on the bright side and remember that I usually have more reading time in the winter.

  7. Looks like you have some great goals to take care of yourself so that is a great step already! I know alot of people suffer from this. So take care of yourself:) I like your goal of clearing out stuff, I find myself doing that and cleaning out cupboards and washing windows around this time too:)

  8. Darlene and bookroomreviews, as much as I hate it that others have the same issues, it’s nice not to be alone. Thank you for your kind and supportive comments.
    bookworm and bermudaonion, that is so very true about the colder weather! Add a fire in the fireplace and we’re all set, right?
    Marie and Matt, how’s the school year treating you so far? I know that you’ll both be so much busier. Matt, how long will your flight to Hong Kong be? That must be exciting!
    Lisa, I just joined paperbackswap! I’m looking forward to getting started. Thanks for the tip!

  9. I never knew there was such a thing as SAD, but it’s interesting. I wouldn’t go so far as to self-diagnose, but I’d say I have the reverse. I find spring and summer to be unbearable. The weather in summer months makes me pretty miserable, but for me, the worst month is April. Most of the bad things that have happened to me have happened in April, and I’m always out of sorts then. Fall and winter months generally see a lightening of my mood. At any rate, I hope you don’t suffer too much in the coming months.

  10. {{{{Jennifer and Dar}}}} Hugs to both of you.

    I’m another who loves Spring and Summer. Fall is okay, but it holds the portent of cold, dark winter and for that reason I have mixed feelings about it.

    I like your idea of clearing out unused “stuff” Jennifer. Paring down always feels so good.

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