Check out Adam’s Review of The Blue Death!

September 3, 2008 at 6:57 pm | Posted in Books | Leave a comment

I received a copy of The Blue Death by Dr. Robert D. Morris in a batch of books from Harper Collins. I immediately knew that this book wasn’t for me. I don’t read a great deal of non-fiction, but I knew that Adam from Letters on Pages did. I dropped him an email asking if he was interested. Sure enough, he was. He wrote a wonderful review of this book. I would say that it makes me want the book back, but we Dutch just aren’t like that. 😉 Beside, I’m a little squeamish about germs and all that anyway.

Contrary to what Adam said in his review, I did not bestow this book to him out of pity or to flaunt my “popularity.” I’ve never known myself to be popular, but if I was… Wait a second. If I was, I’d work that whole Scarlett O’Hara vibe for all it’s worth. I’d be flaunting that book, reading little excerpts to people who don’t have a copy, blowing the dust off the cover in front of prospective readers’ faces. Hmm…

Perhaps it’s best to just stay like I am, someone who wants each book needing review to find the right home. If it’s not mine, read it forward. Thanks so much for being this books’ home, Adam!


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