Announcing the BBAW Contest for Book Blog Readers!

September 8, 2008 at 10:17 pm | Posted in Books | 39 Comments
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Book bloggers would be no where without our readers.  Many readers also happen to have their own blogs, but not all do.  During Book Blogger Appreciation Week, we would like to take time to honor those who do not.  You are so special to us and we want to recognize you for all that you do for us.  If you are a loyal reader to one or many book blogs but do not blog yourself, this is the contest for you!

To enter, simply fill out the following sentence in 200 words or less and email them to me (Jennifer) at literatehousewife (at) gmail (dot)com:

“I read book blogs because…”

It’s that simple.

All of the entries received by end of the day (EST) on Saturday, September 13 will be considered.  Of those entries, the top 10.  What happens to the top 10?  First, they will be posted on The Literate Housewife Review on Monday, September 15 to help kick off BBAW on my blog. But it gets even better!

Those entries will also be sent to Joshua Henkin, author of Matrimony! Josh has been a great supporter of book clubs and book blogs and I couldn’t be more thrilled that he was ready, willing, and able to help us honor you. He has graciously agreed to read them all and select the first, second and third place winners. The winners will be announced here at noon on Friday, September 19th.

Other than to have your writing be singled out by such a wonderful author, what what are the prizes?

  • The first place winner will receive a signed copy of the new paperback edition of Matrimony and a book grab bag containing 6 books!
  • The second place winner will receive a book grab bag containing 4 books!
  • The third place winner will receive a book grab bag containing 3 books!

How much fun is that?  To whet your appetite even more, here is a list of the books you might find in your grab bag if your entry is selected by Josh:

The Lucky One by Nicholas Sparks
The Book of Lies by Brad Meltzer
Supreme Courtship by Christopher Buckley
A Tale Out of Luck by Willie Nelson with Mike Blakely
The Heretic’s Daughter by Kathleen Kent
When Will There Be Good News by Kate Atkinson
An Exact Replica of a Figment of My Imagination by Elizabeth McCracken
Exit Music by Ian Rankin
The Smart One and the Pretty One by Claire LaZebnik
Gunmetal Black by Daniel Serrano
Isolation by Travis Thrasher
The Miracle Girls by Anne Dayton and May Vanderbilt
First Daughter by Eric Van Lustbader

What are you waiting for?  We love you and we want to hear from you.  We also want the opportunity to give back to you for all that you give to us.  Your views, comments, Amazon purchases, and well wishes are what keep us going.  I can’t wait to see the emails start rolling in.


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  1. I like reading blogs because they introduce me to new authors,new people and new genres. I buy a lot of books based on how I feel about the excerpts and the book covers. I look forward to reading different opinions, and it also introduces me to new groups that I can join to discuss more books. I can also win things sometimes. What could be better than the opportunity to get more books.

  2. Hey, this is cooler than my “Matrimony” drawing! How do you think of these things?

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  4. What a fun contest. I sent my entry. 🙂

  5. I shall send my readers over here this afternoon.

  6. I read book blogs for book recommendations! I love to read the reviews of friends. My TBR pile grows at a fast pace!

  7. This is great!!!!

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  11. I read book blogs because it feels like I’m sitting with my friends and have asked them, “What have you read lately” and they answer me honestly, concisely and with no ulterior motives.

  12. Awesome!

  13. I read blogs because there entertaining. Better than watching tv.

  14. I read blogs cause there just inspirational sometimes. You never know what you might find.

  15. I read blogs because there cool. Its like reading a book, but better.

  16. I love reading blogs because I can get new recipes and life stories all in one shot.

  17. I love reading blogs because they just take me away. After a hard days work I can escape and share my thoughts with others.

  18. Jennifer, what a marvelous giveaway. Thank you thank you thank you!!!

  19. What a wonderful contest for book blog readers, Jennifer!

  20. Thanks, everyone! I’ve been getting a lot of entries and I’ve really enjoyed reading them all. This is going to be a tough competition, and it’s just getting started. Please keep your entries coming!

  21. […] have been chosen, author Joshua Henkin will pick the first, second and third place winners.  See Jennifer’s announcement for all the details including which books will be given away to the top three […]

  22. I am soooo glad I found you! yah! Now, how do I keep you? haha
    I ‘connect’ to you and can come back anytime to you? How do I do that?

  23. Just sent mine in to you to be entered in your contest. Thanks for offering such a wonderful contest!!!

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  26. I love reading books because of the following reasons:
    1 – it helps me escape the daily grind
    2 – it teaches me something
    3 – it inspires me to write my own book, which I will do within 5 years. I have always loved reading!!
    4 – because I am a mom who read to her children from birth to now. We all know studies show children who get read to do better in school.


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  28. What a great contest. So many nice books.

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  30. I am a reader of book blogs because I love to know what others are reading and I am always looking for that next great read. I am a librarian so I do reader’s advisory so book blogs help me with that. I am a book club member and reading a blog is the next best thing to a face to face book discussion.

  31. I read book blogs because I like to know what others are reading and their thoughts about whatever it is. Don’t want to miss anything…

  32. I’m having trouble sending you email. Could you please email me at callista83 AT cogeco DOT com so that I can just hit reply??

  33. Callista, it won’t go through. Please post your response as a comment here and I’ll count it. Don’t worry! Jennifer

  34. blogs helps me find books i want to read and what is new authors

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  36. This has been an incredible Monday don’t you think? The response, looking at new blogs, it’s heaven!

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