Putting on My Best Sarah Palin

October 22, 2008 at 9:54 am | Posted in LIfe | 18 Comments
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It is now almost 10pm and I just got back from an open bar at Cheers.  I’m riding high after my speech.  It went very well – and all without a fact checker. 🙂  I had one person ask if I spoke to large groups often.  As this was a nice person, I took that as a compliment.  Now, I can sit back and relax…  Ah…


I am in Boston this week at ektron‘s 2008 Synergy Conference.  I’ve been asked here to speak about my company’s website implementation.  My talk will begin at 1:30 EST this afternoon.  The room in which I will be speaking seats upwards of 250 people.  This is by FAR the biggest group to which I’ve ever spoken.  Thankfully I’ve had Dale Carnegie training or I would truly be freaking out right now.

To prepare myself, I’m visualizing myself as Sarah Palin.  Whatever her politics, my politics, and your politics may be, she is a great public speaker.  She is one of the best women I’ve seen and heard speak in a long time.  When she speaks in front of a large crowd she is energetic, enthusiastic, and well-spoken.  So, I’m off to practice my speech for the next hour or so before lunch.  When I do so, I’ll putting on my best Sarah Palin.  Since I speak with my hands as well, I’m hoping not to adopt her particular gestures.  I’m not out for anyone’s cojones, so I’ll try to be a bit more gentle. 😉



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  1. I move my hands a lot too while speaking. I was told it is distracting.

    All the best. You’ll do well.

  2. My only suggestion would be to keep more facts in your speech than she has in hers. 🙂

    Good luck! I’d be very nervous, too. Public speaking is not my forte in life.


  3. I’m so impressed with you! I could never speak in front of a crowd that large. Good luck!

  4. Adding to what Lezlie said, also don’t blatantly lie or incite racial hatred and you should be good. =)

  5. I speak in public once in awhile. The best advice someone gave me once is to just pretend you are talking to one person. Anyone can talk to one person right?

    Palin is a good speaker. I just wish she’d lay off the “you betchyas” and the “joe sixpack” references. Makes her look “cupi’ish”.

  6. She’s a good speaker until you look at the transcript to see what she actually said! I’m sure you will be much more articulate and well-informed. =)

    I’d be very nervous too, I’m atrocious at public speaking. Whatever helps you focus and keep calm is best. Good luck!

  7. You’ll be great. Just remember ~ picture ’em naked or in their underwear. 🙂

  8. Good luck with your speech, though I’m quite sure you won’t need it.

  9. Just cling to your guns and God, and hope the stage is decorated with an ancient Greek theme.

  10. Another hand-talker checking in.

    Oh my, Jennifer – 250 people. No amount of Carnegie or any other guru could get me to do that.

    You sound very prepared and very confident though.

    Good luck. You’ll be awesome!

  11. Jennifer, good luck to you!

  12. I hope your talk went well. Bad eyesight helps a lot. I spoke in front of a crowd that large and while I was speaking, someone in the back had this huge epileptic seizure and a bunch of people had to carry the guy off. I saw some sort of commotion but it was all a big blur, so I didn’t pay attention and was able to keep talking!

  13. I hope it went well!

  14. So glad to hear it went well, but then, I knew it would. Way to go!

  15. I’m glad it went well, Jennifer, and that you were able to relax with a drink after!

  16. Hey Jennifer, glad the speech went well!

  17. I’m glad that it went well for you! Maybe your Stephenie Meyer win put you in a good vibe! 😉

  18. Jennifer Palin – The Literate Governor?

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