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December 23, 2008 at 10:52 am | Posted in LIfe | 11 Comments

I walked into work this morning at 9:15.  This is what temperature it was inside:

It was 58.2 when the first person came in to the office.  Here is my response to this situation:

Another piece of coal, please!?!?!?!??!  You think I’m exaggerating?  Here are some of my other co-workers:


Need I say more? Happy Festivus everyone!



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  1. I laughed!

    The monitor can double as a hand warmer, too, you know?

  2. Stay warm!

  3. That ridiculous! Forget the coal in the stocking you need the coal to burn a fire right there in the office.

  4. This is hilarious…you guys look like me and Anna from Diary of an Eccentric my office mate. We are the ones bundled up in the office and everyone else is toasty warm on the other side of the office…they say it is too warm and of course they are on our thermostat…so we are in the deep freeze here.

  5. It looks like everyone has at least two coffee cups – those can double as hand warmers too!
    Enjoy your holidays!

  6. …and God bless us, every one! – Tim Cratchit

  7. Haha! Funnily enough my workmates don’t look disimilar despite the fact that we are expecting a temp of 80F. The air conditioning is really bad in our office, but then we can just stand next to the windows to get a little bit of warmth.

  8. The update is that after plying us with free coffee and donuts, the building management was able to fix whatever it was that caused the problem. So, I was able to thaw out after lunch.

  9. ohh my… I can feel the cold !

  10. Oh, Jennifer, how sad and funny at the same time!

  11. awwwww….at least you had that warm coat 🙂

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