Without a Computer of Her Own

January 8, 2009 at 7:25 am | Posted in LIfe | 16 Comments
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despairReaders, it is a sad time for Literate Housewife. Over the weekend, a tragic accident befell my beloved laptop. The blue screen of death announced pretty clearly to my husband that a new hard drive was needed. So, I am using a loaner laptop that is driving me crazy. I’m so annoyed by it all that I didn’t even turn the computer on last night. Although I know that it won’t be fun to recustomize everything again once the new hard drive is installed, just having it back on my lap will make everything seem better.  I hope to be back up and running by the end of the week.

In the meantime, I would like to thank Amy and Darlene for the wonderful awards they gave me yesterday.  You both made my day.  While I’m waiting for some good computer time, I’ll be working on passing these awards along.  I will also be working on my reviews for My Lady of Cleves, Loving Frank, and Etta.

I hope that everyone has a wonderful day.



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  1. OH, computer problems are so frustrating! good luck. I have a new laptop and I’m too slowly acclimating to the keyboard and I have yet to figure out rightclick or whatever to save images… I’m sure necessity will eventually have me figuring it out. But it is delaying me in updating my button sidebar!

  2. That’s a shame. Good luck. I only have 50 pages left of Etta. I’m anxious to hear what you think of it!

  3. oh..thats tragic news. I hope you hard drive is good again.

  4. That just stinks. My hubby and son are always modifying their PCs, but I hate reconfiguring, so I’ve declared mine off limits to them.

  5. Bummer! Mike Wazowski and I mourn your loss.

  6. Ouch! That makes me very sad for you. 😦 I’m not sure how well I’d function without my baby. When you get up and running again stop by and visit because there’s some more blog love for you at my place.

  7. Yikes, not good. I’m not sure I could survive without knowing I could turn my computer on. Hope you get it all back up and running really soon.

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  9. I love the picture! So sorry that your computer died though.

    I haven’t seen the blue screen of death for years (and even forgot that I used to call it that). My husband is a computer programmer, so he deals with all of my computer problems – thank goodness!

  10. Hang in there toots! I lost my computer screen and printer in the same day. Ugh. You’ll be up and running soon!

  11. OMG I hope your files are all backed up. I’m glad you have a computer-man to handle the revamp. I know the feeling of not wanting to go on the computer… after working all day on the computer in the office, I come home and don’t want to go on my laptop… yet I want to check all the blogs!

  12. Oh no! That stinks. That happened to me once at work and it was not fun, but like you said, it was nice to get stuff reconfigured and decluttered once it was all over with. Hope you get your old laptop back soon.

  13. What a cute kittie!

    I’m in the process of changing work laptops, so I can sympathize. I have spent hours this week re-installing programs and setting up printers and entering passwords…I hope you’re up and running again soon!

  14. Oohh. My condolences to the laptop and best wishes getting everything back up and running ASAP!

  15. Jennifer, I can only imagine how lost I’d be without my laptop. Well, actually, I went a few days a few months ago when I had to send it off to have spyware removed and it’s hard! I feel for ya!

  16. Jennifer, so sorry about your laptop’s demise. But hopefully that’s all been remedied by now. That photograph is adorable.

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