When Passions Collide

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I love to read.  I love Guiding Light.  I’ll take it a step further and admit that I love to read about Guiding Light in soap opera magazines.  I’m not, however, very enthusiastic that the powers that be are in the process of tying my hands and making me read a BOOK about Guiding Light.

Per a CBS Daytime-specific magazine, I’ve just learned that a new book will be hitting the shelves next week that details what has happened with Jonathan and Sarah after he faked his death to get Alan Spaulding out of their lives.  [Side note: I got a chance to meet Ron Raines in the flesh several years ago.  Danny drove me to Lynchburg and it was an incredible experience.  He was perfectly pleasant and even got in character a little bit for me.] Usually, such details would be fleshed out over time once the character(s) return to town.  This time, it appears as though you have to read the book to find out and to be able to completely understand Alan and Reva’s absence.  I’m not sure that I like that.

I have watched Guiding Light since one afternoon in my high school years.  Around about that time, I was tired of Frisco and Felicia’s Asian Quarter story line and happened to get up and turn the channel.  The moment I saw Reva Shayne standing on the bridge, contemplating jumping, I’ve been hooked on her and the lives of her friends and enemies in Springfield.  My loyalty to her was fused completely when I learned that Kim Zimmer grew up just outside of my hometown.  In college, my friend and I renamed the soap opera “Reva.”  To me, that’s just the way it is.  I love her best when I love her nemisis.  Annie, I miss you!

Once I started working full-time, I had to read the paper and stand in the grocery store reading soap opera magazines to keep in touch.  Once I moved to Virginia, I was able, with the help of my devoted husband, to tape Reva every day.  It was wonderful – even during the Reva clone days.  The stench of that plot line can still be smelled off and on, but what’s a Reva devotee to do?

After having children, I resorted to reading the story recaps in the paper on the Internet.  When I discovered that CBS was making netcasts available, I jumped in whole hog.  I may not always stay up to date (I’m a week behind as I write this – with an episode playing in the background), but I love being able to have Reva marathons.  I’m delighting in her current story line with Jeffrey and Olivia.  It’s great.

This all brings me back to trashy soap magazines.  I bought one last night because there was a picture of Reva on the cover with the word “OUT!” over top of it.  That is when I read about the new book coming out.  I love Jonathon.  I love everything about him.  In fact, his story line getting to know his long lost mother Reva was front and center the day that Allison was born.  It even made me laugh.  Do I want to have to pay even Amazon prices to read his story after the car crash?  Do I like having to shell out $15 or more to keep current with my soap?  Umm…  Not so much.

When it comes to books, I like to read things with substance.  Granted, there doesn’t always have to be the Great American novel sitting on my night stand, but you’ll never find me reading trash (I save that for my time with Reva).  I’ve never read a Harlequinn romance.  I’ve never bought a bodice ripper.  How do I come to grips with Jonathon’s Story?  Which of my great loves is going to win out – Reva or literature?  Juice in concentrate or manna from the heavens?  I’m not trashy soaps.  I love them.  They just have their place, right?

Still, everyone has bought a less than thoughtful book at least once in their lives, right?  $15 isn’t all that much to spend for all of the joy I received over the years and to help fund those wonderful netcasts, right?  One trashy pleasure won’t ruin my taste in books forever, will it?  Will it?


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