#40 ~ Jonathan’s Story; Finale

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I finished Jonathan’s Story last night and it felt somewhat like watching (or, in my case, listening) to a Friday episode and immediately being able to watch the Monday episode. A murder is committed, but it isn’t nearly as wanton as I had hoped. That being said, it was deserved from a vigilante justice perspective. I just wish the characters had more fun in the process (the fiction reader in me is evil, don’t you think?). The ending also answered the question I had about how well Reva and Alan were getting along after Alan found out that Sarah and Jonathan are alive and that Reva had been keeping that from him. So, that’s all good.

The last third of the book had scenes were Tammy appears to Jonathan and Sarah. Similarly to the way in which she appears to Cassie on the show, Tammy has words of encouragement and wisdom for Jonathan that he finds hard to accept. I did find Tammy’s first “appearance” to Aubrey somewhat hokie, but this is a book about my guilty pleasure, so why not? One thing that legitimately got in the way of book for me did deal with this specifically. As I mentioned in Part 2, there were a couple of instances where the name of the baby got mixed up in the prose. At the very end of the book, not knowing if the character was the baby or Tammy confused me and, therefore, the very end didn’t flow as beautifully as it could have.

I was somewhat disappointed in how quickly the ending came for the plotline encompassed within the book. I know that part of the purpose of the book was to develop Jonathan and Aubrey’s relationship. That was good. I genuinely like Aubrey and I think that Jonathan needed to move on from Tammy. However, there was the potential for some really juicy action at the end involving Reva and Alan showing up in Tourmaline and the murder. It all happened so fast and at such an accelerated pace from the rest of the book. To me, it felt as if it was rushed just to complete the book on time to coincide with the show.

All criticism aside, I enjoyed the book and I’m glad to have read it. I don’t feel like it wasted my time in the least. It was a quick read and now I’m ahead of the game – assuming watching Guiding Light is a game with other people who watch Guiding Light. (nana nana boo boo! ;P ).

Personally, it was nice to take a break from some of the headier and involved books I’ve been reading recently as well. I’m in the homestretch of my 52 books goal and I’m getting just a wee bit tired of the pace I’ve needed to keep up. There is a time and place in this life for guilty pleasures. I think I might have thought of counting this book as cheating earlier in the year. The truth is that in any way that you challenge yourself you have to take a rest period of sorts. Your body/mind/spirit needs it. Even God rested on the seventh day.

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