A Little Dose of Inspiration ~ A Guest Post & A Contest

July 30, 2008 at 5:19 pm | Posted in Books, LIfe, My Life with Books, Reading | 27 Comments
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While I’m not much more inspired today than I was yesterday, at least my post from last night and the picture I found using Google Images inspired Lisa Roe from Online Publicist. At the end of the post you will find details about the contest this post inspired me to hold… 🙂

A Little Dose of Inspiration?

Playing off of Jennifer’s post from Tuesday, I had a thought. We’re all feeling a bit blah-si-blah recently. With the conclusion of summer upon us (yes. It’s almost August now. Eek.), it’s time to reflect on the trips not taken, the plans aborted (I did not make it to German Fest AGAIN this year), and the books not read.

Wow. That’s depressing. I really intended on accomplishing much, much more this summer! Especially when it came to books. I read books for my projects, I read online content, and I read a postcard. Not that I’m complaining! I love what I do. I firmly believe we all do, but, there is a time when the weight of the books brings us down.

So, with that in mind, I feel we need to look at our TBR’s in a different way. Instead of gazing at that pile with a sense of foreboding and obligation, we need to shed a different light on them. Or move them to a different spot, spread the stack around, place them somewhere unusual or unexpected. Then take a picture and post it on your blog! Maybe once we look at the books in an artistic way, without the words, font, editing errors, and storylines getting in the way, we can see them as the beautiful objects they are instead of ‘work’.

I was going to stack mine outside by my reading bench for the photo, but when I came in, I found my darling kitty had his own affections for my titles, so I instead took this one:

Aw! My heart now explodes with joy at the thought of those books!  I can’t wait to see what images you all come up with!

Creative TBR Photo Contest

I was so excited by Lisa’s post that I decided to hold another contest. If Lisa’s post sparked your imagine to take a creative picture of your TBRs, submit your photo to me with a title. I’ll post all of the pictures I get anonymously (using only the title provided) on Monday, August 11. I’ll have all of my readers vote for the title that is most inspiring to them. The picture that captures the most votes as of 5pm EST on August 15 will win a $15 Amazon email gift certificate from me. Have fun! I look forward to seeing what you come up with!

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