Camping, My 6 Quirks, and Other Excuses Not to Write My Reviews

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I had a great time camping with my family and co-workers over the weekend.  Our tent worked out great.  Emma got to spend nearly the entire time taking care of two puppies.  Allison became fast friends with Maya, my co-worker’s daughter.  We had s’mores, we took a paddle boat ride, Danny and the girls went on the Pipestem Tram, and we shared some great family bonding the first night as we all lost a few fingers and toes due to the cold.  🙂  I’ll post some pictures in my Sunday Salon post on Sunday. I didn’t get to do as much reading as I had wanted, but I thoroughly enjoyed what I did read.

Despite some lukewarm reviews I’ve read, I’m really enjoying The Other Queen.  In fact, for the first time in my memory, I’ve dreampt about this book – not just once, but twice!  What others have seen as repetitive, I’ve enjoyed as a look inside the heads of Bess and Queen Mary.  You can really tell when they are anxious.  Bess especially reminds me of the two years after Allison was born.  When I was anxious, I had a mantra of things I would think about over and over again.  I’ll write more about it during my review (Ha!  Write a review.  What’s that?), but I’m enjoying looking at these characters from a psychological perspective.

When I returned home from camping, there were 359 posts waiting for me in my Google Reader.  There were over 430 when I got home from work tonight.  I’ve gotten half way through the blogs and I’m hoping to completely catch up tomorrow night.  I missed a lot in a few short days, that’s for sure.

I was tagged by Amy at Passages to the Past to list 6 quirky things about me (just six? really?).  Here goes:

1) I am afraid of hay – most specifically the sort found in bales.
2) I will not knowingly eat a food stuff that has touched raisins.  I will never forgive someone who tries to trick me.
3) My toes play with each other all the time and I’m mostly unaware of it.  Nervous habit I suppose.  It drives my mother crazy and she is all the way in Michigan.
4) When I was four I loved Wonder Woman.  I would always pretend to turn into her.  Once I did that too close to the sliding glass doors and have a nice scar in the shape of a sickle on the side of my right hand from where it went through the glass.  I need to buy the series on DVD so I can watch them again with my girls.  BTW, the only Halloween costumes I remember were my Raggedy Anne and Wonder Woman costumes.  Those damn plastic masks were hot, but I loved dressing up in them.
5) I can pick out Ted Levine’s voice in just one note.  After making me vomit (literally) during The Silence of the Lambs (finding the YouTube video for the above link made my tummy hurt and I have the sound turned off on my laptop), I have become hyper sensitive to it.  I cannot watch Monk because of this.  My husband used to doubt this super power, but no longer.  If you found Joyride at all scary, it was because he was the one saying, “candy cane.”  Otherwise, it would have just been a silly, silly movie.
6) I enjoy watching Drake and Josh and iCarly with my family.  Spencer on iCarly cracks me up.

I have completely lost my book review mojo.  I don’t know if this is because work has been pretty darn intense over the past few weeks, but I like to blame it on that anyway.  I have some interesting books to write about, but every time I sit down to seriously write about them I hear the crickets in my head louder than the owl and bobcat that scared Emma to death during the first night we were camping.  Speaking of which, I seriously wonder if I could write a review to keep the owls and bobcats away.  What kind of a mother am I???  ACK!

Okay, I’ve spent the better part of three hours reading your posts (very enjoyable) and writing this post (complete and total procrastination).  I can write this quickly and easily to keep myself from writing a review – what is wrong with me?  Actually, after reading about my quirkiness, please don’t answer that question.

#50 ~ Fight Club

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Fight Club: A Novel by Chuck Palahniuk

Throughout the year I’ve been talking with people at work about the books I’ve been reading. Two of my co-workers mentioned Fight Club. I’ve never had a desire to read this book or see the movie. They are six and 13 years younger than me respectively and I reasoned that I was too old. I missed the boat for this book. After arguing that I was not, in deed, too old to read this book, I asked if either of them had a copy of the book that I could borrow. I figured that would be the end of the story. Not so fast. The very next morning, I was handed a nearly pristine copy in paperback.

After finishing Love in the Time of Cholera, I wanted something quick to read. Thumbing through this book, it seemed the obvious choice. Well, maybe it wasn’t such a good next choice. Given the lack of hope, kindness, and charity of the characters, it wasn’t the best book with which to start off the holiday season. Additionally, where there was too much personal hygiene-type information in Cholera, that was amplified and modernized in Fight Club. Had I not made a promise to myself that I would finish every book I started this year, I would have tossed this book as soon as I found out that the main character, who is never named (what’s up with that type of thing happening all at the same time with my book choices?), does not kill the wanna be veterinarian. I can not stand torture in art (or life – but I thought that should go without saying – although I am saying it here). I threw up because my date wouldn’t let me leave The Silence of the Lambs. Reading that scene in Fight Club wasn’t much better for me.

Now that I’ve finished the book, it’s good that I didn’t simply toss it during the torture scene. It gave a very interesting insight into human nature – especially when not everything is fitting together as it should. I can’t say that I would ever read it again, but I’m glad that I read it the first time. If for no other reason, knowing what happens will save me from ever having to watch the movie. I can now report back to my co-workers that no, I’m not too old for this book (or the movie). I just don’t have the stomach, and that’s been true since I was in college.

To buy this book, click here.

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