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It is somewhat ironic to me that I will be presenting the BBAW award for the Best Fantasy/Sci-fi/Horror/Spec-fic Blog.  It encompasses the genres I tend to shy away from.  Just recently through my Expand Your Horizons Challenge, I’ve begun to delve into books in these areas.  These are the five most nominated blogs in this category and they should all provide a great way to get you excited to read the books that they review:

Fantasy Book Critic ~ This blog is written by Robert, who lives in Seattle, Washington.  His history is very interesting:

After taking a break from the music industry where I was a writer (reviewed albums & concerts, conducted interviews), did publicity (promoted signed & unsigned artists), worked as an A&R scout for Warner Bros. and was the EIC of Kings of A&R, I’ve decided to embrace my other passion: books and writing. So, while Fantasy Book Critic was born as a labor of love, I hope in time that it will become something more

OCD, vampires, and amusing rants, oh my! ~ This is a fun blog for anyone who likes genre fiction such as  fantasy, science fiction, romance, horror, and “even the occasional mystery/thriller.”  It’s written by two women who describe themselves and what they do like this:

We’re two amusing chicks with more books and opinions than we know what to do with. Love to read and discuss the things you read about? Drop in and join us! Comments, questions, and friendly debates are always more than welcome.

Stainless Steel Droppings ~ Carl loves science fiction and, in fact, that is where he got the name of his blog.  He has some great pictures on his site, too.  He instituted the R.I.P. Reading Challenge, which is now going into it’s third year.  Here’s what he has to say about himself:

I’m a geek and proud of it! I love the typical geek things: science fiction/fantasy books and films, comics, computer games. I am a well-rounded geek, however. I love all kinds of music, old classic films of many genres as well as the new stuff, and even enjoy ‘chick flicks’. I enjoy sports, American Chopper, those car shows on Discovery Channel, and Extreme Home Makeover. I have a beautiful wife and wonderful daughter and a very childish elderly dog. I like to do alot of different things and am rarely if ever bored. Maybe I’m more of a Renaissance Geek..yea, that’s it…does that make me cool?

Stuff as Dreams are Made On ~ This blog, which is written by Chris, talks about “all things Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Magical, Musical, Visual, and Appealing along with interesting tidbits from everyday life.”  Here’s what Chris said when he found out he was nominated:

I actually made it into the top 5 for best sci-fi/fantasy/horror blog! I can’t believe that! It’s such an honor. What’s even more of an honor is that I’m in some amazing company including two of my best blogging friends, Carl and Nymeth.

Things Mean a Lot ~ This blog is written by Amy, who is a “big fan of fantasy, fairy tales, mythology, children’s books and comics.”  Here is what she had to say about how she started blogging:

I started without quite knowing I was starting, which would explain why I’m only writing an “About Me” page almost a year and a half later. I stumbled upon the first Once Upon a Time Challenge and needed a place to post my thoughts on the books I was going to read for it. Then I stayed for the community. I don’t have many “real” bookish friends, so I was thrilled to discover people who were as obsessed with books as I am. Not only that, but they were also friendly, open-minded, respectful of different opinions, unpretentious and enthusiastic. How could I not stick around? So, I blog because I like sharing my thoughts on whatever I read, and because it’s a great way to meet fellow readers and to discover books I probably would never hear about otherwise…

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