The Big 3-0 = A Free Book for You

May 22, 2007 at 5:02 pm | Posted in Books, Free, My Fate In Your Hands, Reading | 6 Comments


I created 52 Books or Bust as a way to document the challenge I gave to myself to read a book a week this year.  Along the way, I’ve made up only two rules for myself:

  • I won’t use quick reads to bump up my numbers (I’ve actually read three of Janet Evanovich’s books but only counted one)

  • I will finish every book I start.

Along the way, I’ve discovered some great books and a passion for types of books I never would have imagined.  Still, all of the books I’ve read have been chosen by me.  Even the time I asked my readers to select a book, the options were things I was interested in reading in the first place.  I want to do something different.  I want to add some spice to my reading.  I want to take a walk on the wild side.

Can you help me out?  I want one Lucky Reader (LR) to pick book #30 for me.  In order to entice you, I’ll send LR my copy of the book after I’ve finished it and written my review.  I see this happening something life this:

  1. Readers will leave a comment on this post that in some way indicates who you are (does not have to be your real name) but does not mention the book you have in mind.
  2. Once I’ve received your entry, I’ll add your name to the hat. The deadline for entering the contest is Friday, June 8 at 11:59pm.
  3. On Saturday, June 9, I’ll have my gorgeous, vivacious, and currently illiterate four-year-old daughter select the lucky winner from the hat.  My talented, suave, and extra tall husband will be on-hand to validate the drawing with pictures.
  4. I will announce the identity of LR on 52 Books or Bust after the drawing.  That will be LR’s cue to reveal #30.
  5. Assuming that I don’t already own the book, I will order it, read it as #30, and review it here.  When all is said and done, I will send the book to LR as a token of my appreciation.

Is there really an easier way to get a free copy of the book of your choice?  All you have to do is post a comment and select a book (under $30, please).  Simple enough?  Come on aboard.  Jump on my bandwagon.  I promise you, you won’t hurt the horse.  Promise.


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  1. wow, i love this idea! i would love to be entered, and i already have my #30 in mind. btw – have a great time on your vacation. i’m not sure i’ve ever really thought about “beach reading” b/c 1 – i’m not *as* into the super-light fluffy reading (though it can be a good break if you’ve read a few heavy pieces in a row, i guess), and 2 – it’s just such good quality time with a book that it almost makes sense (to me) to really sink your teeth into something weighty b/c you have no other distractions. but if i think of something light & fun, i’ll let you know. what about funny, like “me talk pretty one day” by david sedaris? but if you’re into the idea of a LOOONG book, maybe check out “a suitable boy” by vikram seth. it’s insanely long.

  2. Woowoo! I can definitely come up with something outside your normal element! =)

    I owe you an apology. I’ve been reading your blogs through syndication… and I must have missed the one about you moving sites because I have missed ALL your posts since you moved here. D’oh!… luckily, I have an enjoyable night of catching up tonight.

    Sorry! Keep up the writing… I’m reading it (again).

  3. Count me in! I will have to figure out what book I would challenge you to read… something out of your norm, but something I would enjoy as well. Hmmm.

  4. i’d like to enter the contest, please. i have many book recommendations off my head already!

  5. I want to be in. =]

  6. Definitely count me in! I have been meaning to get back to reading!

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